Medical Education

Agenus Bio and/or its subsidiaries ("Agenus Bio" or "Company") will consider funding for independent, accredited and non-accredited medical and scientific education for healthcare professionals. This includes:

  • Live educational programs
  • Web-based education
  • Enduring educational materials
  • Print/publications, recorded, interactive digital media
  • Scientific conferences and symposia
  • Grand rounds
  • Webcasts and teleconferences
  • Other legitimate educational and scientific activities


Eligible Organizations

Organizations eligible to submit requests to Agenus Bio for medical education grants include:

  • Hospitals
  • Community health centers
  • Academic medical centers
  • Universities and colleges
  • Medical schools
  • Professional and medical associations/societies/foundations
  • Medical education and communication companies (MECCs)

Agenus Bio will not consider grants submitted by:

  • Individual healthcare professionals or for-profit physician group practices
  • Health plans
  • Managed care organizations
  • Organizations that have received grant funding in the past but have not provided required budget reconciliation or have not returned unused funds for a program
  • Debarred or excluded groups or institutions

Agenus Bio will accept grant requests from organizations outside the U.S, as well as for activities that will occur outside the U.S.

Grants cannot be tied, in any way, to past, present, or future prescribing, purchasing, or recommending of any current or future Agenus Bio product. Any documentation that is a part of or accompanies a grant request suggesting the above will cause the grant request to be declined.


Budget Guidelines

  • Grants must be limited to a reasonable estimate of the cost of the grant-funded activities.
  • Grants may be issued to support only the costs associated with the development, delivery and/or evaluation of the educational program, event, resources, and/or materials.
  • Grants may not cover solely the cost of meals. Where CME/CE is not being offered, it is acceptable for a portion of a grant to cover meals/refreshments only if the meals/refreshments are:
    • modest and conducive to discussion among faculty and healthcare professional attendees
    • allow primary focus to remain on the educational portion of the event funded by the grant.
  • Recipients of funding are required to provide a completed program budget reconciliation within ninety (90) days of the program end date and return any unused funds.


Application Requirements

To ensure thorough review of your grant request, the following information must be submitted:

  • Formal letter of request on signed letterhead of the requesting organization
  • Amount of support requested
  • Detailed description of the activity/program to be supported. This may include:
    • Proposed program agenda
    • Objective(s) of event
    • Learning objectives that the program will accomplish
    • Educational needs assessment/gaps
    • Evaluation report and/or outcomes assessment
    • Date and location of the program (if applicable)
  • Budget showing detailed costs associated with program/event
  • Tax ID information
    • For non-profit organizations, confirmation of tax-exempt status. (In the US, this includes the signed W-9 form and copy of the 501(c)(3) IRS letter of determination)

Note: Your grant request will be reviewed only after we receive a complete application.